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Testing Press Machine check and cleaning
Jan 25, 2019

Before starting the machine, pay attention to whether there is any foreign matter inside the test press, especially the part that has just been overhauled. Then check the hydraulic line of the press for leaks and whether the manual valves of the hydraulic line are in the normal position. Check the hydraulic station for leaks, open manual valves, and no foreign objects on the equipment.


Operators should pay attention to regular cleaning to ensure the cleanliness of the test press. During the production process, keep the press clean from the inlet to the inlet. When the slab is produced, it is used twice per shift. When the sheet is produced, it is cleaned every two hours (cleaned with a vacuum cleaner), and no fiber accumulation is allowed. The pit is kept clean and the waste tank level cannot exceed three quarters.


In the production process, if the test press needs to be shut down for more than one hour, the cleaning work should be done: chain winding roller, press import and export, press machine outlet upper and lower small room oil tank, press surface hygiene, press up and down scraping Plate cleaning, press venting box, press housing oil stains, etc. In the production process, the oil fiber cleaning at the steel strip scraper on the inlet of the press and the oil stain at the outlet of the press belt are cleaned, and the steel strip brush should be opened normally. The press operator strengthens the inspection of the press to avoid oil on the produced board.

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