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The balance state and maintenance key of the door panel laminating press
Jan 16, 2019

Only qualified personnel can perform maintenance work on the door panel laminating press and be familiar with the various operating conditions of the equipment. In practice, the balance of the equipment should be guaranteed, as this will keep the equipment in good operating condition.


For the door panel laminating press, the pneumatic system is responsible for the operation of the pneumatic brake and balancing system, so daily attention should be paid to see if there is a gas leak, because the inappropriate air pressure will affect the performance of the brake and balance system, and they control the press The stop time, if there is a problem, will put the operator and equipment in danger. In addition, all pneumatic systems have regulators, lubricators and water reservoirs.


For the maintenance work of the door panel laminating press, there are some problems that require special attention. In particular, as an operator, it is necessary to take a serious and responsible attitude. This is because the operator is able to detect problems by paying attention to the strange sounds from the door panel laminating press, abnormal temperature rises, and leaking lines. Every day, the operator should ask some questions and record the answers after the inspection to maintain a long-term maintenance record.

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