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The characteristics of the door panel laminating press and its variable frequency speed control system
Aug 22, 2018

From the structural point of view, the door panel laminating press adopts a solid open structure with integral welding, which can keep the fuselage rigid enough and has the most convenient operation space. It has the characteristics of compact structure, safe and stable, fast speed, high efficiency, low energy consumption and simple operation.


In the process of use, the user can adjust the pressure head or the upper worktable by the manual adjustment mechanism of the door panel laminating press, and the pressure and stroke can be adjusted steplessly according to the process requirements; at the same time, the door press is made by two hands. Operation, with emergency button and inching function, safe and efficient;


In order to further improve the superiority of the door panel laminating press, the door press selects the frequency conversion speed regulation. The whole speed control system is small in size, light in weight, high in control precision, perfect in protection function, safe and reliable in operation; simple in operation and versatile, enabling transmission The control system has excellent performance and thus a considerable energy saving effect.


The variable frequency speed control system in the door press can play the best function of the ordinary motor, and can also drive the ordinary motor without the encoder to achieve high precision control and high response speed. At ultra low speed 0.3HZ, it can achieve 2%. Hundreds of torque output; at the same time, torque control can be realized, and the response level is relatively high.

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