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The characteristics of the moulding press machine and its correct use
Oct 26, 2018

Moulding press machine is a special equipment that combines vulcanization, pressing and forming into one. It has automatic program control function, advanced and reliable hydraulic system, automatic constant temperature, automatic deflation, automatic mold release and self-control time. Due to the use of mechanical linkage mechanism to ensure the vulcanization process, there will be no phenomenon of mold increase, glue opening and degumming.


When using the molding machine, when the piston is at the bottom, the hydraulic system is injected with hydraulic oil by the compensation oil pump. The gas enters the membrane chamber through the inlet inlet valve under the inlet pressure, and the anti-diaphragm is pushed to the bottom of the membrane chamber. The membrane chamber is filled with gas. When the crankshaft rotates, the piston moves from the bottom to the top, and the hydraulic oil system pressure rises. When the hydraulic oil pressure reaches the compressed gas pressure, the diaphragm moves toward the top of the chamber to compress the gas.


The hydraulic oil system of the moulding press machine includes a crankshaft, a piston and a connecting rod driven by a motor. The piston reciprocates to generate hydraulic oil pressure, and pushes the bottom diaphragm to the gas side to compress the gas and discharge the gas. Another component of the hydraulic system is the compensating oil pump, check valve and pressure regulating valve to ensure that the hydraulic oil system is always filled with hydraulic oil during the compression cycle.


The hydraulic system of the molding machine is in the process of compression. The check valve isolates the hydraulic oil from the compensation oil pump to prevent the hydraulic oil from flowing back. At the same time, the pressure regulating valve controls the hydraulic oil pressure to form the pressure of the hydraulic oil system. This system is a hydraulic oil system. Diaphragm compressors are a combination of hydraulic oil systems and gas compression systems.

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