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The composition of the Plywood Press Machine and the medium of the heating system
Sep 19, 2018

Plywood Press Machines can be divided into periodic and continuous types according to the operation mode. The common type is multi-layer hot press. It consists of three parts, namely the main body of the hot press, the control drive part and the heating system, which constitute the main equipment in the production process of the plywood.


The Plywood Press Machine is used to heat-glue the slab after the glue is combined. Different types of plywood have different requirements on the performance of the press. In general, the pressure required for the manufacture of ordinary plywood, aerospace plywood, plastic veneer, wood laminated plastic panels, and marine plywood increases in turn.


The heating system of the Plywood Press Machine is the most important part of the hot press system. The steam heating uses the latent heat of vaporization of steam to heat the hot platen, while the superheated water uses the sensible heat of the superheated water to heat the hot platen. of. After the superheated water is used up, it can be repeatedly used by circulating and reheating. Since the hot water is recycled, the flow rate is relatively slow and the thermal efficiency is relatively high.


Compared with steam, it is better to use superheated water as heating medium. The comprehensive utilization rate of thermal energy of superheated water heating system is 40%-50%. In terms of temperature control, in addition to controlling the flow rate, the superheated water heating can also adjust the temperature by changing the temperature of the circulating superheated water, and the superheated water heating can control the temperature more strictly than the steam heating.

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