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The configuration and characteristics of the aluminum honeycomb panel press and the advantages of its products
Aug 24, 2018

The aluminum honeycomb panel press is a device specially used for pressing aluminum honeycomb panels, plastic honeycomb panels, paper honeycomb panels and the like. The processed honeycomb panel products are characterized by light weight, moisture resistance, durability and non-deformation. The main pressure of aluminum honeycomb plate press is 120-500t, its width can be designed according to product requirements; its hot pressing plate is made of high quality carbon structural steel, the surface is finely ground, the flatness is less than 0.06mm; the surface roughness is 1.6. The maximum thickness difference of the lead-pressing experiment is 0.2 mm; the heat preservation is uniform, and the temperature difference is within ±3 °C.


The main cylinder of aluminum honeycomb panel press adopts imported new type seals, no leakage, and the running resistance is small; the rising speed of the cylinder is adjustable; it can be applied to the two processes of glue and film, which are pressed by hot pressing or cold pressing. Honeycomb panels have good adhesion and smoothness.


It can be seen that the aluminum honeycomb panel press is characterized by high flatness of the plate, convenient and quick installation, light weight and high strength of the plate, and can realize the honeycomb core material of the large-sized plate, which contributes to the space heat preservation effect; Color and surface treatments are available for excellent custom processing capabilities to meet individual customer needs. High quality materials and advanced processing techniques ensure long-lasting durability. Various mounting systems are available for different solutions and are easy to install and maintain.

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