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The main production process of the plywood production line
Jan 17, 2019

In the current field of construction and decoration, plywood applications are becoming more common. For the moment, the plywood production line mainly includes production equipment according to its process: rotary cutting machine, veneer dryer, rubber coating machine, pre-pressing machine, hot pressing machine, vertical and horizontal sawing machine and sanding machine. Plywood products have different production processes due to their different properties.


Usually, when the plywood production line is used in the production of multi-layer plywood products, the main process flow is: veneer finishing → gluing → blanking → pre-pressing → hot pressing → sanding → laminating → secondary hot pressing → trimming → Packing into the warehouse. When used in the production of blockboard, the specific process flow is: fine wood strip → splicing on the glued panel → pre-press → hot pressing → sanding → laminating → secondary hot pressing → trimming → packaging into the warehouse.


In addition, the plywood production line can also be used for veneer finishing operations, including the process of cutting, paneling and repairing. The specific process is to cut the dry strip-shaped veneer and the veneer into a specification veneer and a splicable veneer. The narrow veneer is spliced into a single veneer, and the defective veneer can be repaired. The quality requirements of the process.

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