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The role of hot press boiler (mold temperature machine) in industrial production
Nov 23, 2018

The main function of the hot press boiler (mould temperature machine) is to heat or cool the mold and keep it at a certain temperature to ensure the quality of the injection molded parts and optimize the processing time. The Hot Press Boiler (mould temperature machine) includes two types of water temperature machine and oil temperature machine. In the injection molding industry, the temperature of the mold plays a decisive role in the quality of the injection molded part and the injection time.


In practical applications, the main application points of the Hot Press Boiler (mould temperature machine) include: 1. The heat balance of the injection mold; 2. The purpose of controlling the mold temperature and the influence of the mold temperature on the injection molded part; 3. Effectively controlling the mold temperature Preparation conditions; 4, heat transfer fluid; 5, the advantages and economics of the mold temperature machine.


The reason why the hot press boiler (mould temperature machine) is needed to control the mold flying temperature is mainly because the control of the mold temperature is very important in the injection molding process. The mold temperature affects the surface quality, fluidity, shrinkage rate, and injection cycle. And deformation and other aspects. One is to heat the mold to the operating temperature, and the other is to keep the mold temperature constant at the operating temperature. If the above two points are successful, the cycle time can be optimized to ensure the stable high quality of the injection molded parts.   

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