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The scope of the door press and the pressure test process
Oct 18, 2018

The door press is suitable for the pressing process of plastic materials, such as stamping, bending, flanging and thin stretching, etc. It can also be used for pressing, pressing, plastic products and powder products. The equipment has independent power mechanism and electrical system. It adopts centralized control of buttons, which can realize three operation modes: adjustment, manual and semi-automatic.


At present, most of the door presses use special hydraulic oil as the working medium. The hydraulic pump is used as the power source, and the hydraulic oil enters the cylinder or piston through the hydraulic line by the force of the pump; then there are several in the cylinder or piston. Groups of interlocking seals convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. Hydraulic transmission is a transmission that uses liquid pressure to transmit power and control.


When the door press is under pressure test, the first thing is to understand the principle of the machine and the corresponding structural performance, and test the pressure according to the instructions. When pressure is applied, the valve of the system should be adjusted to the selected test pressure value; after the power is turned on, start the motor and observe whether the rotation direction is correct.


Not only that, but when taking the door press test, you must take care. Pay more attention to the temperature change of the hydraulic oil during the operation and commissioning. The general hydraulic system has a suitable temperature of 40 to 50 ° C. When operating at this temperature, the efficiency of the hydraulic component is high, and the oxidation resistance of the oil is in a good state.

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