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The steps of the skirting press machine
Sep 10, 2018

The skirting press machine is mainly used for the melamine impregnated paper of the door sleeve and the baseboard. The baseboard presses, like other machines, need to be operated according to the corresponding standards during operation, otherwise the machine may not start properly or even be damaged. So what is the standard startup process like? I will know if you pay attention to the following introduction.


First, we need to open the switch of the base press and the motor, and then load the material into the equipment, so that the feeding device will automatically send the material to the hot press to start the operation. So what we need to do next is to open the hydraulic pump, solenoid valve and other devices, and the subsequent processes are all done automatically.


If manual operation is used, the working pressure needs to be well controlled according to the production requirements. The operation of the baseboard press will be smooth and safe, usually in accordance with standard requirements. At the same time, the quality of the finished products we get is also more secure.

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