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Mould Press Machine

Automatic mould press machine is all used for die-pressing process presses of general designation, such as automotive interior parts Press, plastic filter plate Press, pallet presses, etc. are part of the molding machine. Mainly in accordance with customer production products mold custom-type presses.

Overview of Mould Press Machine

1. The fuselage uses the Liang structure, has the good strength, the rigidity and the precision maintains.

2. The frame is welded by k5235 steel and the whole is treated with aging to prevent the distortion of the frame.

3. The mold uses the high quality wear-resisting steel processing center precision processing.

4. Touch screen input various production parameters.

5. Mold temperature using plc temperature module and solenoid valve control, accuracy can reach ±1℃.

6. Pressure control using pressure transmitter and pressure module to achieve pressure setting and precise control, the circuit has electromagnetic overflow valve for the adjustment of rising and falling pressure, to ensure the stability of pressure output, protection of the rack and mold.

7. The mold-changing mechanism is controlled by the PLC and the positioning is accurate.

8. Safety Device

* Motor control part of the heat protector, circuit breaker, etc., to protect the motor overload from damage and over-current protection.

* The tank rises and falls with an independent overflow valve to ensure that the pressure is not overloaded.

* Overpressure protection: To achieve the set pressure to stop working, play the role of overpressure protection.


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Production Process of Automatic Mould Press Machine



Packaging & Shipping






1. Where is your factory located?

Our factory address: China, Jiangsu Province, Wuxi City, Huishan District Yangshan town Holly Industrial Park, No. 28 east side of the road

2. How can i get to your factory?

Our factory is near shanghai Airport, we can pick you up in the airport.

3.How you arrange shipment?

By Sea

4. What is the delivery time of pattern, casting parts and machining finished parts?

In general, pattern making time is 20-40 days base on the design of the parts, sample making time is 20-30 days, machining finished parts lead time is 40-60 days. Delivery times vary according to design and complexity, please contact us for details.

5. Can the machine be customized as our need, such as put on our logo?

Surely our machine can be customized as your need, Put on your logo is also available.

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