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Advantages Of Single Laminating Hot Presses In Application
Jun 21, 2018

In terms of use, the material utilization rate of single veneer presses is very high compared to double veneer presses. This is reflected in smaller losses when cutting edges, thus reducing processing costs and maximizing resource utilization. . Furthermore, the production cycle of a single veneer press is relatively short, the control operation is simple, the pre-curing layer is thin, and the numerical control technology is adopted, and an automated production system can also be realized. The probability of failure during the use of single-sided veneer presses is very low, and its individual components have a longer service life and therefore lower maintenance costs. The most important advantage of the single-ply press is that it can produce and cut according to the customer's needs, greatly satisfying the user's various requirements. The processed products are also mostly large-format specifications. Of course, the area is relatively large. However, in general, single-ply presses do not require the use of pre-presses, platers, and conveyors. The advantage of re-application is very prominent. This is why single-ply presses can widely win the market. The main reason for getting favor from customers.