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Commonly Used Automatic Panel Equipment
Jun 21, 2018

Automatic panel-based equipment is actually a general name. It contains many machines, such as pre-press, rotary cutter, hot press, and glue coater. The machines needed for the wood-based panel, let's take a closer look at several commonly used automatic panel-based devices:

1. The pre-compression machine is the auxiliary machine of the plywood production line. It is the mechanical equipment for pre-gluing before gluing to shorten the hot-pressing cycle and improve the quality of the board during the production process. The pre-press is a pressure machine.

2. The gluing machine is mainly used to apply liquid glue to a mechanical device on the surface of plates, textiles, cartons or leather.

3. The rotary cutter is an important equipment in the plywood production line or veneer production line. It is mainly used to re-spin the remaining wood cores with a card axis rotary cutter for secondary use. The wood segments with different lengths are within a certain diameter range. The wood cores inside are turned into veneers of different thicknesses, and the diameter of the rotary cut is small.

4. A hot press is a process that heats two previously primed tin fluxing parts to a temperature sufficient to melt and flow the solder. Once cured, a permanent electrical mechanical connection is formed between the part and the solder.

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