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When Using A Hot Press Should Pay Attention To What
Jun 21, 2018

1. In the process of use, operate in strict accordance with the instructions, and do not operate in violation of regulations. This will cause damage to the machine. Before the operation, uniform training should be conducted. Only qualified employees can perform the job.

2. For the machine usually pay attention to maintenance, to avoid major problems caused by minor problems, do not look because they do not seem to do, like usually pay attention to whether the oil is sufficient, otherwise it will cause the machine excessive friction, thereby damaging the machine to avoid Due to small losses.

3. When the machine stops working, the material remaining in the machine must be cleaned in a timely manner so as to avoid the occurrence of blockage during the operation of the machine and delay the work process.

4. Turn off the power when it is not working so that the machine can be fully rested.

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