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Press Accessories

  • Plastic Filter Plate Moulding Press Machine

    Plastic Filter Plate Moulding Press Machine

    Plastic filter plate moulding press machine mainly used for the filter press plate on filter press machine, also widely used in plastic, composite materials, steel, automotive interiors and other kinds of materials moulding processing. It has the advantages of low cost,...Read More
  • Gas Mold Temperature Machine

    Gas Mold Temperature Machine

    The new gas mold temperature machine is a tailor-made heating source for hot presses of sheet companies. Its technical content, quality standards, and actual results are at the leading level. For enterprises in the production process to solve the real difficulties, make it...Read More
  • Hot Press Boiler

    Hot Press Boiler

    After nearly 20 years of research and practice, the company can provide a variety of Hot Press Boiler: the following series: coal-fired (biomass) series, fuel series, oil and gas dual-use series, coal-fired gas dual-use series, waste wood series, Burning sand powder series,...Read More
  • Cushion Pad for Press

    Cushion Pad for Press

    ​In the process of hot press suppresses the strengthened floor, the shaving board, the malemine to paste in the knesding board, the wooden door, the furniture usually need cushions. In the hot press work combination, the cushins install between the hot clamps and the...Read More
  • Glue Making Equipment

    Glue Making Equipment

    We have a full set of glue making equipment, the capactiy from 0.5-50m³, We can provide the service from the process design for customers, manufacturing and equipment installation testing. Complete and systematic service for glue-making and mixing equipments with advanced...Read More
  • Press Plate

    Press Plate

    AISI 304/ 410/ 633 stainless steel press plate, the main size is 4'X8', 4'X9', 4'X10', 6'X8', 6'X9', 6'X12', 7'X9', 7'X12'.Read More
  • Laminate Floor DET Production Line

    Laminate Floor DET Production Line

    This laminate floor DET production line is mainly suitable for continuous floor production. The front can be combined with automatic loading and unloading system, and the automatic packaging line can be connected behind. The design is advanced, the structure is simple, the...Read More
  • Industrial Oil Cooler

    Industrial Oil Cooler

    When the hydraulic station of the hot press is working, the temperature of the surrounding environment is relatively high, the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic station is deteriorating due to high temperature, and the viscosity of the oil will be reduced, which will lead to...Read More
  • PVC Sealing Strip Production Line

    PVC Sealing Strip Production Line

    PVC Sealing Strip Production Line mainly adopted in the fields of panel fumiture, office fumiture, cabinet, etc. Possessing the characteristics of real texture, UV protection, environment-friendly, etc.Read More
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