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Wood-based Laminating Press

  • Honeycomb Board Press

    Honeycomb Board Press

    Aluminium honeycomb board press is specially used for pressing aluminum honeycomb panel, paper honeycomb board and enamel honeycomb panel. During the process of hot pressing, the product has the characteristics and advantages of light weight, moistureproof, durable, and never...Read More
  • Plywood Hot Press Machine

    Plywood Hot Press Machine

    Our organization holds the distinction of being one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of plywood hot press machine. Plywood hot press machine has won us accolades all over the nation with its excellent operational efficacy, durable make and longer operational life. It...Read More
  • Hot Press Machine for Plywood

    Hot Press Machine for Plywood

    YIJIAER Hot Press Machine for Plywood is used for plywood production, its function is pressing the veneers which with glue together under high pressure and high temperature, machine is hydraulic system, heating method can be both steam heating and hot oil heating.Read More
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